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June 23, 2010

Answer: Candy Heart Puzzle

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Official Answers

The answers are listed from left to right as seen in the final photo. I have also listed what the “original” heart said before I photoshoped the text to say something else.

1.  green – DREAM MACRO  (original said “Dream Big”)

2.  pink – I “heart” MOM  (original said “I ~heart~ you”)

3.  yellow – BABY BE MINE (original said “Be Mine”)

4.  pink – TWEET LOVE  (original said “Tweet Me”)

5.  green – PLEASE LOVE ME  (original said “Love Me”)

6.  orange – RAG DOLL  (original said “Baby Doll”)

7.  pink – ADOPT ME  (original said “Adore Me”)

8.  green – CARRY ME  (original said “Marry Me”)

9.  orange – TXT ME  (original said “Text Me”)

10. orange – TWEET TALK  (original said “Sweet Talk”)

11. green – LOVE BITES  (original said “Love Bug”)

12. pink – OXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

13. orange – ANGLE  (original said “Angel”)

14. green – UR NOT HOT  (original said “UR Hot”)

15. orange – XOXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

16. purple – ANGELINA  (original said “Angel”)

To view the large gigapan image of the final “Candy Heart Puzzle”, click here. This link will allow you to zoom in and view the photo close up.

To read about the making of the “Candy Heart Puzzle” photo, click here.

This is a photo of the original candy hearts, as I lined them up right before placing them into position for my photograph called "Candy Heart Puzzle". CLICK the photo to view large enough to read the hearts. ( Never mind the bad photo stitching... )

"Candy Heart Puzzle" - Photo 2010 © Lindsay Birmingham


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