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June 23, 2010

Answer: Candy Heart Puzzle

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Official Answers

The answers are listed from left to right as seen in the final photo. I have also listed what the “original” heart said before I photoshoped the text to say something else.

1.  green – DREAM MACRO  (original said “Dream Big”)

2.  pink – I “heart” MOM  (original said “I ~heart~ you”)

3.  yellow – BABY BE MINE (original said “Be Mine”)

4.  pink – TWEET LOVE  (original said “Tweet Me”)

5.  green – PLEASE LOVE ME  (original said “Love Me”)

6.  orange – RAG DOLL  (original said “Baby Doll”)

7.  pink – ADOPT ME  (original said “Adore Me”)

8.  green – CARRY ME  (original said “Marry Me”)

9.  orange – TXT ME  (original said “Text Me”)

10. orange – TWEET TALK  (original said “Sweet Talk”)

11. green – LOVE BITES  (original said “Love Bug”)

12. pink – OXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

13. orange – ANGLE  (original said “Angel”)

14. green – UR NOT HOT  (original said “UR Hot”)

15. orange – XOXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

16. purple – ANGELINA  (original said “Angel”)

To view the large gigapan image of the final “Candy Heart Puzzle”, click here. This link will allow you to zoom in and view the photo close up.

To read about the making of the “Candy Heart Puzzle” photo, click here.

This is a photo of the original candy hearts, as I lined them up right before placing them into position for my photograph called "Candy Heart Puzzle". CLICK the photo to view large enough to read the hearts. ( Never mind the bad photo stitching... )

"Candy Heart Puzzle" - Photo 2010 © Lindsay Birmingham


June 13, 2010

Winner: Candy Heart Puzzle Contest

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We have a winner!

Christa Eastis figured out all 16 altered hearts and replied to the contest blog thread first! Christa was dedicated – it took her various tries but she got it all correct on her forth attempt. Yay! Please contact me about getting your canvas print to you!

Congratulations Christa!

For those of you who don’t know what this contest is or what it is about, please visit the contest blog thread here.

February 28, 2010

Contest to Win Candy Heart Puzzle Photo!

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Candy Heart PuzzleAnnouncing the contest to kick off the start of my blog, I’m going to give away a canvas print of “Candy Heart Puzzle” to the first person who can find all 16 ‘fake’ hearts in the image.

To view the photo in order to hunt for the fake hearts, go to:

To view the blog entry on the making of this image, go to:

The rules are simple:

1. To submit and count as an entry, reply to this thread and this thread only.
2. Reply with the COLOR of the heart as well as the fake TEXT written on the heart. (Example: 1. Blue – “Text on Heart”)
3. Upon replying to this thread and entering the contest, you agree to have your name posted as the winner on my website(s).
4. Comments/Submissions for this thread open Monday, March 1st at 8 pm EST.

Good luck!

UPDATE 3/5/10: If no one correctly guesses all 16 altered hearts by this Sunday, I will post a HINT to help you along.

UPDATE 3/7/10: One week has past so I am now giving HINT #1 to help figure out the 16 altered candy hearts. I would like to confirm what some people might have suspected or wondered: All 16 altered hearts are unique, no text was changed to be the same on any two hearts. This means that all duplicate hearts are ‘original’ hearts. This makes is a bit easier, right?

UPDATE 6/9/10: We have a winner!! Christa Eastis figured out all 16 altered hearts! Congratulations Christa!! Please contact me about getting your canvas print to you!

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