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August 30, 2010

Duck Duck… Frog?

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Yes, it’s Duck Duck Goose Frog!

Who can resist a poser? Especially when he’s trying so hard to fit in?

Meet my friend Mr. Frog as he poses in my newest photo “Duck Duck Frog”…


July 16, 2010

Mitch Eudy

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Below are a few photos from a recent photo shoot with real estate agent/broker Mitch Eudy at Wingate University. For more info on Mitch, check out his website.

June 29, 2010

Photo Shoot with Isaiah

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Just wanted to share a few photos from a session with Isaiah. For more info on Isaiah, please check him out on Model Mayhem.

June 23, 2010

Answer: Candy Heart Puzzle

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Official Answers

The answers are listed from left to right as seen in the final photo. I have also listed what the “original” heart said before I photoshoped the text to say something else.

1.  green – DREAM MACRO  (original said “Dream Big”)

2.  pink – I “heart” MOM  (original said “I ~heart~ you”)

3.  yellow – BABY BE MINE (original said “Be Mine”)

4.  pink – TWEET LOVE  (original said “Tweet Me”)

5.  green – PLEASE LOVE ME  (original said “Love Me”)

6.  orange – RAG DOLL  (original said “Baby Doll”)

7.  pink – ADOPT ME  (original said “Adore Me”)

8.  green – CARRY ME  (original said “Marry Me”)

9.  orange – TXT ME  (original said “Text Me”)

10. orange – TWEET TALK  (original said “Sweet Talk”)

11. green – LOVE BITES  (original said “Love Bug”)

12. pink – OXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

13. orange – ANGLE  (original said “Angel”)

14. green – UR NOT HOT  (original said “UR Hot”)

15. orange – XOXOX  (original said “XOXO”)

16. purple – ANGELINA  (original said “Angel”)

To view the large gigapan image of the final “Candy Heart Puzzle”, click here. This link will allow you to zoom in and view the photo close up.

To read about the making of the “Candy Heart Puzzle” photo, click here.

This is a photo of the original candy hearts, as I lined them up right before placing them into position for my photograph called "Candy Heart Puzzle". CLICK the photo to view large enough to read the hearts. ( Never mind the bad photo stitching... )

"Candy Heart Puzzle" - Photo 2010 © Lindsay Birmingham

June 13, 2010

Winner: Candy Heart Puzzle Contest

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We have a winner!

Christa Eastis figured out all 16 altered hearts and replied to the contest blog thread first! Christa was dedicated – it took her various tries but she got it all correct on her forth attempt. Yay! Please contact me about getting your canvas print to you!

Congratulations Christa!

For those of you who don’t know what this contest is or what it is about, please visit the contest blog thread here.

June 1, 2010

All Arts Market – June 2nd & 3rd

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I will be at the All Arts Market again — come visit & take a look around!

May 14, 2010

Photos of the #51 Steam Locomotive

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Just posted the photos taken of my grandfather’s train – check them out at:

The Great Western Railway Locomotive #51 was originally built in 1906. It recently underwent a huge restoration headed up by my father, Jim Birmingham. The series of photos was taken at the Hudson Terminal Railway in Colorado on October 31, 2009. They were prepping the revamped train to run for the first time in about four years. Most of my photos are during this preparation. Unfortunately I had to run directly to the airport and missed the big event when they took the train out on the main line. I am going back to Colorado in July though, so I hope to get some more shots then. Check back!

February 24, 2010

All Arts Market

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So I’ve decided to take the plunge and try my luck at selling some prints at NoDaRioty’s All Arts Market this coming week. I’ll be downstairs in the first room on the left. Come out and say hi!

When: 6pm-10pm, Wed. March 3rd & Thurs. March 4th
Where: Neighborhood Theatre, 511 East 36th Street, Charlotte, NC

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